Satire and humor sites

Awf Magazine
First satirical website devoted to the LGBTQ+ experience.
The Beaverton
Canada's flagship satirical news site has spawned a book and other projects.
The Belladonna
Satire and comedy by women writers by all definitions for everyone.
The Broadway Beat
Satirical news site focusing on the wonderful world of theater.
If you like your satire and humor absurd.
Satire of publications like Complex & Worldstar.
Funny Women on The Rumpus
A meticulously edited column that  delights.
Hard Drive
Popular gaming humor and satire.
The Hard Times
Punk humor and satire.
Little Old Lady Comedy
Short humor, daily publication.
Mostly humor, but lately doing lots of topical satire.
UK-centered site that turns around satirical news lightening fast.
Dystopian satire and propaganda from your corporate A.I. overlords.
The Onion
Satirical news; their “commentary” section has character POV satire.
Points in Case
Humor and lists, with some topical satire.
Satirical news and articles through a feminist lens; biting headlines.
Robot Butt
Short humor, expanded lists, satirical news.
Shouts & Murmurs / Daily Shouts
Lots of humor, will hit big topical stuff satirically.
Housed within Medium, daily humor and satire.
Weekly Humorist
Short humor, lists, and cartoons.