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James Folta: James Folta is an experienced writer, editor, and festival co-founder who is available to offer notes and feedback on short humor drafts, both over email and in person in NYC. For availability and rates, contact
Caitlin Kunkel: Hi! I'm one of the co-founders of the festival. I created the online satire program for Second City, and teach workshops at colleges around the country. If you have a group or school that would like to take a writing workshop with me, get in touch for rates and formats at
Live in Chicago and looking to join a professional comedy writing team? Dystopian satire pioneer Omnarchy is recruiting for its weekly Tuesday night Writer's Rooms! Please contact Geoff Squire at for info on how to apply.
The Satira is a fun satire news website, funny articles, no pop ads, all single page articles, check us out and hopefully have a few laughs!
Hello, if you're a Chicago based comedy writer and are interested in being a part of a comedy writing meetup/group send me a message, and let's get started!
Got a funny short story that needs a home? Let us take a look at it. Narrative Humor is open for submissions. We're new and need some love. And stories.
A Newsletter of Humorous Writing from James Folta, Luke Burns, and Brian Agler is a weekly digest of some of our favorite humor writing from that week, plus an old favorite, and other fun goodies and info! Sign up here:
Are you looking for ways to make friends as an adult? One proven way is to take my humor writing workshop at Catapult, either in New York or online. I'm also a freelance editor with over a decade of experience; sext for rates: and check for updates on classes and more.
Julia McCloy: Live in Memphis and love making people laugh? Let's start a humor writing group. Email me at
Ernio Hernandez: writer + artist featured on The New Yorker & Electric Lit — seeks hilarious collaborators to team up on future projects and pitches. Check out his work at or on Instagram. Msg now! (…or later, I get it).
Boredroom News is an upstart satire publication focused on business & finance news. We're looking for contributors, consultants, or anyone interested in whatever capacity. Drop us a line at
Live in NYC and interested in joining a sketch comedy group? We perform monthly at the PIT. We usually rehearse twice a week in Bushwick, flexible times. If interested message beccatess [at] gmail [dot] com
Hi funny humans of Boston! Let's start a comedy writing group! If you're interested in writing/sharing feedback in cute coffee shops and and saving each others' seats while we pee, reach out at
Patrick Barb is a freelance editor and publishing consultant, with 13+ years of book and online publishing experience, available for a range of editorial services. Primary focus on comic/graphic novel and illustrated gift/humor book projects.
The Broadway Beat is a satire publication poking fun at the wonderful, weird world of Broadway/theater. Always looking for new writers/collaborators - reach out us at, and check out the site HERE. Thx!
Do you enjoy writing humor pieces but live in a town with a less-than-stellar comedy scene? I'm looking to connect with writers interested in providing feedback via a digital forum since meeting up in person might be a long commute. Contact: Twitter, or
The 11th Hour Dispatch is a humorous newsletter on all things entertainment. If you’re looking to keep tabs on your industry without being completely bored to death, this is the best way to clog up your inbox. Subscribe to get it every Friday night!
Hi! I'm looking to start a writers group for humor writing and sketch writing in NYC, and maybe produce things from it. I'm really into science fiction and historically themed stuff. Contact me at if interested.
The 11th Hour Dispatch is a humorous newsletter on all things entertainment. If you’re looking to keep tabs on your industry without being completely bored to death, this is the best way to clog up your inbox. Subscribe to get it every Friday night!
I'm a former writer for The Onion video and UCB Maude teams, writer of humor pieces in The New Yorker, Points in Case and elsewhere. For notes on humor pieces, sketches, other writings, contact me for availability and rates: davidjguzman at
Do you want to try out a satire draft in front of a supportive crowd? Do you like dimly lit bars in Brooklyn? Then come to Some Fun Lines, an open mic for humor and satire in NYC! Subscribe to our newsletter.
Hi there! If you live in central Ohio and are looking for someone to write satire/cry with, I would LOVE to meet you, because I am ALSO looking!! Contact me via Twitter or email:
Looking for NYC people who want to write and perform sketch comedy about corruption & money in national and local politics. Send links to any writing samples. Contact John Busher -, a satirical scientific journal, is seeking all your STEM and grad school related satire! To pitch, email 8-10 headlines to and check out our submission guidelines.
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