The Satire and Humor Festival chicago 2020

A deep dish slice of workshops, panels, and laughs galore

Meet your favorite writers, take a class from a humor hero, and share some deep dish with buds in the Windy City.
3 Days
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Funny on the page

Jen Spyra, Emma Allen, and Sarah Cooper speak at a panel during 2019's festival.
Co-Founder Caitlin Kunkel in front of a Second City crowd hosting "Comedy With a Bite: A Satire Showcase"

And funny off the page

Moderator and Festival Co-Founder Caitlin Kunkel laughs with 2019 book panelists Susan Raihofer, Sarah Cooper, and Arti Gollapudi.
Ali Barthwell (WakandaCon) and Riane Konc (The New Yorker) at our 2019 In Conversation event
Bringing our NYC festival to a new city.
Chicago is the home of so much great comedy, and it only felt natural to expand to the historical Second City for our first midwest fest.
"I had a blast representing Omnarchy on the Independent Comedy panel. It was great to meet other Chicago satire writers, build community, and learn tricks of the trade--I can't wait for next year!"
-Geoff Squire, Co-Founder, Omnarchy
“The Chicago Satire and Humor Festival was a magical weekend portal that made all of your favorite Internet friends and writers materialize as real people you could hug and dissect the minutiae of McSweeneys rejections with. It was like summer camp for humor writers, just minus the campfires--I assume because of building safety codes? Even so, 10/10.”
-Riane Konc (writer, The New Yorker, Build Your Own Christmas Movie Romance)
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